129,00 kr


Because not everyone is a fan of a hand wash in today’s time Cosilana developed a special yarn-mixture which corresponds to the wool, silk and organic cotton they already use. The result is a fabric made of 20 % silk, 35 % wool and 45 % organic cotton, manufactured after strict ecological guidelines.

You can machine wash the new quality at 30 degrees (no spinning, no tumpler!) People with sensitive skin stand this all-season soft material-mixture very well and the shrinkage-results after machine washing are really very satisfying.

This long sleeve body has an envelope neck so you can stretch the body making the change quicker, calmer and less stressfull for you and your baby or you can slide it off over your baby's shoulders and down over their body, avoiding having to pull it over your baby’s head.

45 % Organic Cotton, 35 % Organic Wool, 20% Silk