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This Crib bumper is the perfect crib accessory that keeps your child safe from getting their hands and feet stuck between the bars of their crib. The bumper is made from a 200tc Cotton Percale that is crisp to the touch and filled with a sturdy non-toxic polyester foam. The 360 cm long bumper is suitable for most cribs with bars and is fastened with decorative herringbone ribbons. Ethically made in Portugal and OEKO-TEX® Certified.

The four seasons is a story where we want to welcome you into Kajsa Hagelins watercolor-world, following the beautiful changes of the four seasons. From when the leaves start to shift in colors and in almost the blink of an eye, summer turns to fall, to the day when the snow falls and creates a soft white blanket that covers the ground, lighting up the world during the cold and dark winter months. Then suddenly one day, a little blue buttercup wakes up and sprawls towards the faint spring sun, that is when you realize that soon, soon it will be summer once again.