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Designed by Ole Flensted

Do you need new music in your interior design? There is plenty of musical inspiration hidden in the Symphony mobile from Flensted Mobiles.

Its from a world of music that Ole Flensted got his inspiration when he designed this classic mobile in 1972.

This mobile looks fantastic when it hangs above a piano or in your own special room. It was with Mozart in the background the Symphony mobile was created.

One can easily see the notes dancing over the pages, when watching the mobile.

The word ‘symphony’ is made up of the Greek words ‘syn’ (together) and ‘foni’ (sound). The featherlight materials of the mobile plays together with the air as conductor.

Also available in the original and classic black version. Both are available in large-scale versions that are ideal for cultural and concert venues.

Material: Stainless steel & wood

Size: 35 x 85 CM