Kenko Hugs Spray

309,00 kr

Together with Mama’en – the most complete reference book for (future) mothers – we are launching the mama fragrance Hugs. Motherhood translated into a fine, soft fragrance spray that you can use from pregnancy on yourself, at home, in the room where you are going to give birth or during intimate moments with your baby.

The scent is warm and soft, offers instant relaxation and supports your maternal strength. The notes are specially selected for the feeling, associations and atmosphere they evoke. Hugs is therefore your daily reminder not to forget yourself, to (continue to) take care of yourself and to be very proud of the mother you are.

Every mom follows her own path and we believe 100% in the power of every woman to do it her own way. However you experience the pregnancy, delivery and maternity period, Hugs can be your support. Like a loving hug that you need so badly every now and then in this process.

100 ml

INCI: Ethanol*, Aqua, Parfum (100% natural), Limonene**, Linalool**

*Made of local wheat (free from denaturants)
**Naturally present in oils

The spray has been specially developed for (pregnant) women. The scent and the percentage of alcohol are dosed as low as possible. To make the spray even milder, we opted for pure alcohol, made from organic local wheat.  The scent is 100% natural, consisting of high quality oils, a large part of which is also organic.