Ostheimer Woodpecker

139,00 kr

Because we woodpeckers love to search for small insects and maggots in tree trunks by tapping the bark with our beak and loosening it, Ostheimer gave us a wonderful landing spot on their tall fir tree. We Ostheimer woodpeckers have a red cap and beautiful black-and-white plumage.
Original Ostheimer figures are manufactured purely by hand and colored with selected paints. We create our products with great care and use only certified materials. That way, you are guaranteed safe, high quality children's toys. Each of our products is a unique piece that has been crafted with love. Our figures encourage children's lively, imaginative and open-ended play.

Product number: 16810
Length: 2.5 cm
Width: 2 cm
Height: 7 cm
Woodtype: Maple