Ostheimer Zebra

183,20 kr 229,00 kr

Add this Ostheimer wooden zebra to your child's animal safari collection, or create a whole harem. Its black and white stripes will help it hide in the tall grass from its predators.

Each of its black stripes has been handpainted, and creates stripe patterns unique to each individual zebra - just like the real thing! Little ones will adore galloping this zebra across the plains, looking for a waterhole for a cool drink. They will also be drawn to its smooth, wooden body.

This Waldorf zebra is both beautiful to look at and fun to play with, and can also be added to a variety of story sacks. 

Age:Suitable for children over 3 years.  

Made from sustainable hard wood, painted with non-toxic water based paint and finished with organic oil.  

Height: 10.5cm